monica mendes (moni_kinha) wrote,
monica mendes

se elas mostram interesse no fim garotas fingem que não

12 spongebob | 06 glee | 22 andrew garfield | 14 emma stone
10 easy a | 07 zombieland | 33 harry potter

>> spongebob

>> glee

>> andrew garfield/ emma stone

>> easy a/ zombieland

>> hp

aww i miss here! i've been really obsessed with jesse eisenberg lately, he is just too perfect to be true, and since march i've seen many movies with him. not many icons with him here just some icons with adorable people beside him. ok, so i graduated from my english course, finally! after 14 years XD but my english still sucks. that's it, hope you like them!
Tags: andrew garfield, dramione, easy a, emma stone, glee, harry potter, ron/hermione, spongebob, zombieland
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